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música ciudadana – music of the city
for orchestra


3333 (with doublings) - 4231- timp.3perc.harp.celesta/piano - strings



Year of composition:



BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra/ conducted by Odaline de la Martinez

City Halls, Glasgow, 6 April 1995

Published by:

música ciudadana is a collage made out of fragments of characteristic rhythms, turns of phrase and sonorities drawn from the vernacular music of Buenos Aires (tango, milonga, bolero …); the music that envelops its streets on summer evenings, filtering through half-closed blinds, echoing in patios, defiantly pouring out of radios or hummed by intimate voices.  Constantly changing textures and figures contribute to a kaleidoscopic surface, unified by a sense of tonal direction.


a weighty and serious piece …


Carol Main, The Scotsman, 7 April 1995

BBC SSO, conducted by Odaline de la Martinez, ending
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