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falling, falling from far afar ...
for viola




6' 30"

Year of composition:



Dorota Kolinek (viola)

23 November 2021
Angela Burgess Recital Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London

Published by:


‘falling, falling from far afar…’  borrows its title from a line in Rilke’s ‘Autumn’.  The core of this composition is a free rendering for viola of an improvisation by Okura Shonosuke that combines otsuzumi strokes (hand-held drum) and kakegoe (shouts used in performances of Japanese music).  The opening section presents sequences of melodic fragments distantly evocative of a Handel aria,  interspersed with pizzicatos figures, that anticipate the largely percussive character of the Noh-theatre inspired music that makes the central section of this work. The closing section returns to the Handelian features of the opening.


Caroline Balding (viola)

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